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Whether we call it Google Adwords (as it was known before) or Google Ads as it is now, the Google platform allows you to promote yourself in various ways and reach the audience you target.When someone wants to look up information, a service, or a product, they will most likely search via Google, which is why it's good to have promotional campaigns on Google.
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Types of campaigns through Google Ads.

As Google itself explains here what types of campaigns you can create, it's good to know that, regardless of your campaign objectives, you can successfully use Google Ads to reach your targeted audience.

If your objectives are:

  • product and/or service sales
  • lead generation, attracting potential customers
  • increasing website traffic
  • increasing brand awareness of a brand or product
  • promoting a mobile application

Then you can certainly use the Google network to reach your desired audience.

With Google, you can create campaigns:

  • In the search network - the most used promotion method
  • In the display network - banner campaigns and remarketing campaigns
  • Video campaigns on YouTube
  • Promotion campaigns in Google Play for mobile applications.

Sales funnel through Google Ads.

Marketing through Google Ads is very important and is worth adding to your business’s marketing mix. Not many platforms allow you to reach the right audience for your business so easily.

Depending on the objectives you have, we, the VIVINET agency, can configure different campaigns to reach this audience.

Our Google advertising agency will help you achieve your goals and ensure that the budgets invested in promotion have a very good return.

High-performing Google campaigns with VIVINET.

For us, success is measured by achieving objectives and client satisfaction. We generate high-performing campaigns and monitor all KPIs to see how they perform.

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Results-based advertising

We measure results daily and refine the campaigns, so that in the end, the campaigns are profitable.

Managing marketing budgets.

We manage your marketing budgets as if they were our own. Thus, we'll be careful with every penny invested to ensure it's profitable.

Analysis and Reporting.

We report transparently on everything that has happened with the campaigns we executed, and we proactively come up with proposals.

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