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Strategic Facebook Ads: Reach, Engage, Convert

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We are a digital marketing agency that knows the art and science of promotion through Facebook Ads. Turn to us for making your promotional budget profitable and optimizing the cost per conversion. Transform your Facebook Ads promotion channel into a profitable one for your business.
facebook ads services

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Types of Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats, also showcased here, that we can utilize in our promotional campaigns. These formats include:

  • Single image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Canvas
  • Collection

Promotional ads can be placed on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

Sales Funnel through Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is extremely important and is worth adding to your business’s marketing mix. Not many platforms allow you to reach your target audience as easily as Facebook does.

Depending on the objectives you have, we at VIVINET agency can set up various campaigns to reach this audience.

Our Facebook advertising agency will assist you in achieving your goals and ensure that your promotional budgets yield a very good return.


High-Performing Facebook Ads Campaigns with VIVINET

For us, success is measured by achieving objectives and client satisfaction. We generate high-performing campaigns and monitor all KPIs to assess their performance.

Advertising based on results

We measure the results daily and refine the campaigns, so that in the end, the campaigns are profitable.

Management of marketing budgets

We manage your marketing budgets, as if they were our own. Thus, we will be careful with every leu invested, so that it is profitable.

Analysis and Reporting

We report to you transparently, everything that happened with the campaigns executed by us and we proactively come up with proposals.

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