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Digital marketing services for your company

We are a full service agency and have created a diverse range of online marketing services as well as e-commerce services in order to provide for as many of our clients needs as possible. Our primary area of focus is in the realm of online advertising services, where we also have the most clients.

Any company that wants to reach its customers must invest in digital marketing services, taking into account the fact that customers often search for services or products on Google. It also draws inspiration from social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Additionally, we are one of the few Romanian agencies who can aid with advertising your products on online marketplaces like eMag and Amazon.

digital marketing services

Facebook Ads

Strategy, Implementation, Management of promotion campaigns through Facebook Ads.

Google Ads

We take care of the strategy, implement and offer management for Google Ads campaigns.

Tik Tok Ads

We handle the strategy, implement and offer management for TikTok campaigns.

Instagram Ads

Strategy, Implementation, Management of promotional campaigns through Instagram Ads.

Youtube Ads

We take care of the strategy, implement and offer management for YouTube Ads campaigns.

PPC Campaigns

We are experts in PPC campaigns and manage promotion campaigns, regardless of the platform you choose.

LinkedIn Ads

We take care of the strategy, implement and offer management for campaigns on LinkedIn.

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e-Mail Marketing

We do e-mail marketing campaigns and automated newsletter strategy for our clients.

Social Media Management

We manage Social Media accounts and increase their engagement through different techniques.

Mixed marketing strategies

The marketing channels work well together.

The success rate of campaigns is limited by their restriction to a small number of digital channels. We do not want to try this. We ultimately evaluated every digital channel that is available and combined the best of them. Rezults? Returns on investments have increased to their maximum.

Results-based advertising

We measure results daily and refine the campaigns, so that in the end, the campaigns are profitable.

Managing marketing budgets.

We manage your marketing budgets as if they were our own. Thus, we'll be careful with every penny invested to ensure it's profitable.

Analysis and Reporting.

We report transparently on everything that has happened with the campaigns we executed, and we proactively come up with proposals.

PPC Services
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